Game 4

Roll the Dice – High Roller

Roll the Dice and Win the Jackpot. Winner takes all!

Jackpot: 10 BSV

How to play

  • Open your Bitcoin SV wallet.
  • Scan the QR Code below and send 1 BSV to Roll the Dice.
  • Or you can simply swipe the moneybutton below.


  • When you Roll the dice, a 5 – 7 digits number will be automatically generated using your transaction ID. This will be your Player Roll.
  • You have a 1/10 Winning Chance. More Rolls = More Chance of winning. Even though you can Roll the Dice as many times as you want, it is advised to play responsibly.
  • Game starts at Bitcoin SV Block Height 577600.
  • One round will be closed after 10 Dice Rolls. If there are more than 10 Rolls, A new round will be opened from the 11th Roll onward.
  • After 10 Rolls, We wait for one block confirmation for the 10th Roll, then we take the Next Block Hash and generate the Winning Roll using the same algorithm.
  • Jackpot is 10 BSV. Closest Player Roll to the Winning Roll gets the Jackpot! (-10% Site Fee)
  • Sending an invalid amount won’t get you an entry and it will be non refundable.
  • Prize will be sent the same day the round is closed.

Recent Dice Rolls

When you Roll the Dice, your transaction and the Player Roll will be automatically updated here. (You may need to refresh the page.)

Transaction — Player Roll

Terms and Conditions

  • If you Roll, you automatically agree to all the rules, terms and conditions of the game.
  • These rules can be adjusted at anytime without prior notice to improve the game.
  • Any attempt to fraud will disqualify your entries.
  • Our decision is final decision.